Hairy Long Drop Earrings

$20.00 On Sale

Shoulder dusting earrings: not just a term, the longer ones will actually give your shoulders a light dusting! Available in two lengths, the shorter dangling set is not long enough to touch much of anything, they just wave in the wind catching all the compliments.

Choose between gold filled or silver filled, the hardware in these simple hairy cowhide is high quality enough or even the most sensitive of ears. The gold rings are longer by just a smidge, check out the last photo for a comparison.

Because these earrings are one of a kind pieces cut from a unique hide they will each have their own differences. If choosing black and white know that you may receive a mostly black with a smidge of white, or a complete 50/50 mix: the mystery is part of the beauty! Regardless, your pair will match one another.