Pysanky Egg Dying Kit

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This traditional Ukrainian egg dyeing method is called Pysanky and translates to 'writing on eggs' The eggs are decorated using a kitska (handheld tool used to melt wax and write or draw) with imagery depicting their requests for protecting households from evil spirits. Many traditional designs incorporate animals, livestock, fruit, symbols of good harvest, as well as spirals and eternity bands to trap evil spirits.

This kit comes with full instructions to make your own designed eggs using the traditional pysanka methods. It also includes instructions and a collection of symbols with their meanings for your inspiration. Your kit will include detailed instructions for completing one basic Ukrainian egg writing design. So draw your own ideas or start with a design to keep the tradition going!

Kit comes with:
-1 kitska (Egg writing tool- buy additional kitska for each group member if you're not a particularly patient group)
-3 dye colors (if you buy additional kits you will receive different colors for each set up to the full set of 18 colors)
-1 one ounce block of beeswax
-1 tea light
-*possibly 2 eggs
-full instructions

What you'll need to supply
-1 jar for each dye color
-dedicated craft spoon (can be plastic but metal one will help hold eggs under liquid while dyeing)
-cotton rags or paper towels
-empty egg carton, mounted skewer situation or place to sit eggs while they're drying

Optional Additions:
-plastic table cloth covered with rags, disposable pee pad, cardboard box or other waterproof and absorbent surface
-a sewing needle or pointy awl to poke holes and hollow eggs
-plastic gloves
-larger or additional candle
-clear coat acrylic spray

*EGGS: if you are local to Philly your kit will come with 2 emptied chicken eggs. If not that cost will instead go towards shipping. If you really want me to attempt shipping empty eggs I would charge $3 per egg and would not guarantee that they would show up safely unless you want to pay for a bunch of bubble wrap and a larger box. But basically, empty your own eggs, and the kit comes with instructions on how. Traditional pysanky eggs are written, dyed and stored without ever bring emptied. And yes, sometimes they do explode from gases expanding over time so I recommend emptying your eggs...

Want more supplies? Buy two kits in one order and I'll make sure you have different colors. You can buy a complete set for each additional person or add only a kitska and share the rest if you'll be crafting together. Add on kitska here:

If you have a group of 3 or more you may want additional wax for each person. It does make the process go much smoother once you're into the groove of writing. Add on wax here:

****PLEASE NOTE*****
These kits will not be shipped out until April 1st. Any Addresses within South, West, or Center City Philadelphia will be hand delivered before the virtual workshop on April 13:

If you will be attending the in person workshop (Sunday, April 10 at FDR park) your kit will be waiting for you at the event. This listing will no longer be active after April 1st.


Out of respect for this Ukrainian tradition and solidarity for the political state of Ukraine I will be donating profits to Ukrainian Arts funds. If you would like to send additional donations you can venmo directly to Cassie-Jones-19 for non taxable donations. Please email me if you would like a formal receipt for your donation and thanks for the support!